1 Year Ceramic Coatings

Our entry-level coating still packs a punch. Safe for indoor and outdoor applications, customers can experience the effects a ceramic coating brings without committing to it long-term. Unsure if you’re a wax person or a ceramic person? Choose this coating.

Coating benefits:
• Short-term durability making it attractive for specific requirements

• Leaves a candy-like gloss finish to the paint

Real-life benefits:
• Experience the effects of a ceramic coating without the long-term commitment

• Spend less time on maintenance washes and more time doing things you love

Service Description:

  • Vehicle safety inspection including paint depth and defects
  • Full vehicle safe wash
  • Chemical & mechanical decontamination
  • Single stage paint correction removing 70% + of defects
  • Engine bay clean
  • Underbody chassis clean
  • Exhaust tips polished & protected
  • Exterior glass polished and ceramic coated
  • Basic interior clean
  • Full aftercare guide supplied
  • Fully backed with warranty from Autobead T&Cs apply

Extras available:

Windscreen ceramic coating

3 year alloy coating

5 year alloy coating

Fabric coating

Leather ceramic coating

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